Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lame excuses and chikrypot!

Now I really ment to blog all along since Feb 2006, but it was only because Rodney asked me to today, that I actually am.

Lots of things happned in my life since then, but i'm not in the mood to make this a big rant. A few months ago, i discovered flickr, and have realized that it is an easy way to preserve some of the pictures i take.

Last May-June, I had an accident with my camera at a Tivoli. Now what's a tivoli you ask... Its what Swede's call an amusement park. So back to the Tivoli story. Grönalund (Greenland in engleska!) was where i was meeting my young friends for a evening of fun and frolic. I have to admit, that some of the rides i took were downright kiddish...but there were some like the tilt that would scare anybody (besides me!). The rush you get when you come hurtling down makes you unable to even scream in fright!

Unfortunatly, one of those rides was one too many for my camera. The bag i was holding swung out, and smassed to the floor. The camera survived, but the lcd screen did not. Back in India, I was politely told that my camera was outdated and i could perhaps buy a new one. :_(

Well, the latest additon to the vaz family is a cheaper Canon Powershot A-430, which is excellent value for its price. Check out some of the pics that I've taken at my flickr account.

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